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Alexandru AGAPIE   agapie*@* 
Bogdan ALEXE   balexe*@* 
Luiza BADIN   lbadin*@* 
Voicu Radu BOSCAIU   vboscaiu*@* 
Cornelia ENĂCHESCU Head of Department
Denis ENACHESCU   denachescu*@* 
Florentina SUTER   fsuter*@* 
Aida TOMA   atoma*@* 
Silviu VASILE   vslsilviu*@* 
Raluca VERNIC   rvernic*@* 


We are surmounted by data – scientific data, numerical data, demographic data, financial data and marketing data. Human attention has become a precious resource. So, we must find ways to automatically analyze the data, to automatically classify it, to automatically summarize it, to automatically discovers and characterize trends in it; briefly to find out automatically knowledge and new information. The aim of the researches carried out by the team is the “mining in data” using multivariate statistical linear and nonlinear models.

The basic aspects of the mathematical research consist in:

  • Evolutionary algorithms for function optimization and parameter fitting. Stochastic modeling and convergence rate analysis for particular classes of evolutionary algorithms working on finite/continuous search spaces;
  • Bootstrap and other resembling methods, nonparametric statistics and econometrics, statistical inference in production frontier models
  • Robust statistical inference. Applications of divergence criteria in statistical inference. Minimum distance methods.
  • Computer Vision Object detection/ Object recognition
  • Supervised and unsupervised statistical learning using neural networks and support vector machines;
  • Data analysis, biostatistics and biometrics, scientometrics;  
  • Functional, fractal nonlinear response with application to biochemical kinetics, allometry and population genetics;
  • Transition event statistics in genetics and disordered kinetics. Theoretical approaches for extracting rate distributions from experimental data;
  • Statistical approaches for microarray analysis;
  • Actuarial mathematics.

Algorithms, computer codes and numerical simulations naturally end the research carried on within this group.


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