List of Members of ISMMA , Stochastic Processes

Research Group

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Name Function  E-mail Address
Mioara BUICULESCU Head of Department
Valentin IONESCU   vionescu*@* 
Marius IOSIFESCU Director
miosifes*@*; miosifes*@* 
Udrea PĂUN   paun*@* 
Anisoara RADUCAN   araducan*@* 
Gheorghe RĂUTU   grautu*@* 
Gabriela SEBE   gsebe*@* 
Mariana SIBICEANU   msibiceanu*@* 
Aurel SPĂTARU   aspataru*@* 
Gheorghita ZBĂGANU   zbagang*@* 


Researches developed by this team are mainly concerned with random phenomena evolving in time. Discret as well as continuous time evolution is considered and various type of probabilistic dependences of the variables are taken into account. Structure and asymptotic properties are derived to be subsequently applied either in other branches of mathematics (notably number theory) or directly to processes connected with certain models (branching processes, queuing theory, ruin theory).