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Udrea PĂUN
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Name: Udrea PĂUN  
Research Group: Stochastic Processes    
Research Interests:
  • Finite Markov Chains and Their Applications
    • General Δ-ergodic theory
    • Sampling [Metropolis-Hastings chain, Gibbs chain (sampler) etc.]
    • Optimization [simulated annealing, quantum annealing, evolutionary algorithms etc.]
    • Counting [permanent etc.]
    • Web information retrieval [(Google's) PageRank etc.]
    • Distribution theory and related fields [runs, patterns, scans, reliability theory (k-out-of-∞: F Markov chain, consecutive-k-out-of-∞: F Markov chain etc.) etc.]
    Personal Webpage:  
    Email paun*@*csm.ro   
    Publications: Papers